Super Story Starters

This term we have made some super story starters. I have made mine so good! I’m going to show you them now.

I was trapped in the middle of the zombies that were swarming into me!

The ladder snapped as he was trying to climb into the window, getting away from the zombies.

He thought he got away from the zombies until he heard a sound.

Aren’t they super. Well I’ll tell you about story starters, story starters are ingaging sentences. We get our words from our spelling such as middle, window and sound. I made all of my sentences link if you didn’t notice. Have a great day.

Story Starters This Semester

During this semester we have learnt about a lot of interesting things, one of these things are story starters. Some of these words that we used are tragic, wonderful, impossible and mars. I will now tell you these story starters.

“Oh no” everyone screamed as a tragic event happened.

” It’s wonderful” said Milton as he opened the gift.

My family and I decided to watch Mission Impossible.

Finally the astronaut landed on mars.

This was very hard at the start but now it’s pretty easy. Our teacher taught us that it can’t end in ing. It also doesn’t need to be long, it can be really short.

e.g.    She heard you do that.

That concludes this blog thank you for reading.

Mental Health

Mental health is one of the most important things in life. One of the things that help my mental health is by listening to music, I also improve my health by playing video games with my friends. Other people might improve their mental health by sitting in a quiet corner and reading a book or spending quality time with family. One way of people bringing down your mental is by bulling but what ever they say to you must ignore them or tell a teacher.

Draft of The Week

This week we have done English, maths, hass, digital technologies, health and Indonesian. In English we have been learning how to wright a report with the information from our hass.
In maths we have been doing 3D shapes and patterns. We learned how to identify patterns, we also made 3D shapes out of paper.
In hass we have been gathering information about north and South America. That is the information for the report.
In digital technologies we been taught how to code and we played We also wrote are name in ones and zeros.

In health we wrote 5 people that we know would answer the phone to help you,  then we did 5 people in the community.
In Indonesian we have been learning about Indonesian words that mean  about food, we also looked at an Indonesian pizza hut’s menu.

Audacity Editing

This week we made a podcast about compassion. I did this podcast with Deklan, Callum and Nicholas. This is our podcast.

What you just listened to did not sound like that. It taken me a very long time to edit it, we did it on audacity. This is how we edited it, so we click on a magnify glass and zoomed into the bits where there are no speech then, you click on the high lighter and high light the empty part and press back space. I had to do this four times but it was fairly easy.

Significant Subjects

At my school the subjects we have are sport, art, science and music. In sport we having been learning about lawn bowling, lawn bowling is like bowling but! Instead of knocking pins down you need to get your ball closes too a smaller ball. The ball that you use has a weighted side so what you want to do is roll it on the other side of the black spot so it curls into the smaller ball. In music we have been learning how to play the drums and the keyboard. On the drums we have been taught how to do our high hat, and we are learning the C, Am, Dm, F, G on keyboard. One song we play to is the show, it’s  easy though. In science we are learning about light, last week we did a test. The test was about rolling a ball at an angle and see if it came out at the same angle on the other side. At last art. In art we have learning about dripping hearts, dripping hearts is 2 street artist worked together. There names are Dasic Fernades and Chris Umphues, Dasic did the dripping and Chris did the hearts.

Thank you for reading.

Heavy Lifting

This week we have been learning about mass and hefting. Hefting is when you make a prediction of the weight of something. Yesterday we hefted some items and wrote the down are predictions and today we found out how heavy the objects were. One object was a drill and I guessed  1.1kg but it was actually 1.5kg I have now learnt how to make a good prediction of how much something weighs. Some of the objects we used are tennis ball, football, cup, cards, glass cup, glue and a drill.

Cinquain Poem

In class we have been learning about cinquain poems. Cinquain poems are were there are 5 lines the first line needs 2 syllables, the second line needs 4 syllables, the third line needs 6, the 4 line needs 8 and the last one needs 2.

This is my cinquain poem it is called thunder storm.


Power, blinding

electric, white flare, bolt

flash, bright, clap, going crazy, crack


I am proud for what I have done and I hoped you liked it.

My Holidays

On my school holidays my family and I went to Mandurah. After we had lunch at Red Rooster we went on a pirate ship cruise. When we were on the cruise we saw dolphins and some very fancy river houses. Then after the cruise we went back to the apartment to get ready for dinner. At the apartment there is a tennis court so the next day we played some tennis. After the tennis we went in the pool and the hot tub. We went out for pad tie for dinner. After dinner I ate some ice cream then went to sleep, the next day we went home.